Lt Amit Kumar

Lt Amit Kumar is an alumnus of Naval Engineering Course, commissioned into the Indian Navy on 01 January 2013. The officer’s association with marathons started with the La Ultra Marathon 111 km run at Leh in August 2016. The La Ultra Marathon is one of the most grueling marathons held on an extremely challenging route, passing through a height of over 17500 ft of the great Himalayan mountain ranges. The region makes a runner experience extreme temperatures – from the burning hot +40 degree C to the freezing Minus 12 degree C within a time span of 6 hours. Further, Oxygen levels are comparatively lower than that experienced at sea level, compounding the physical rigour. The officer stood fifth completing the race in 19 hrs 30 min.

The officer took up the even tougher challenge of competing in the next edition of La Ultra Marathon (August 2017) in 222 Km category, becoming only the second Indian to do so. He stood second in the race with a timing of 43 hrs 28 min. Further, the officer has achieved podium finishes in Garhwal Run and 12 hr Stadium Run, Mumbai. The officer stood first in Ironman Triathlon event held in Hyderabad, setting a new course record of 9 hrs 41 min to complete 2.9 km running, 135 Km cycling and 31.1 km running. The officer has taken part in over 09 marathons since August 2016 and wishes to conquer tougher challenges and achieve greater glory in the years to come. We salute this Naval Hero!

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